Corporate and Academic Boards

Vice Chairman, Southwest Security, a Federal Reserve Board regulated bank holding company controlling United Mississippi Bank and other entities (1999-2003)10

Director, First Franklin Bank Product Innovation Board, First Franklin Financial Corp, San Jose, CA

Former President and Chief Executive Officer of First Franklin Bank of San Jose, CA., L. Andrew Pollock and Derek Bryson Park;


Arbitrator, Board of Arbitrators, National Association of Securities Dealers (“NASD”);  the New York Stock Exchange; and The Chicago Board of Trade (a.k.a. The CME Group). From 1992 -2002, was appointed to 28 cases with damages aggregating approximately $17 million.10


Director, Board of Directors (and member of the Executive Committee), Bishop’s College School, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada (1994-2000).10

[Left to Right] The Governor General of Canada (and the federal viceregal representative of the Canadian monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II, The Right Honourable David Johnson; Derek Bryson Park; and Her Excellency Sharon Johnson at the ANNUAL REVIEW of the Bishop’s College School No. 2 Cadet Corps (which in 1936 was formally recognized as being affiliated with the Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment)


Hugh Hallward and Derek Bryson Park
Derek Bryson Park with the former Chairman of the Board, Bishop’s College School, President of Argo Construction; Owner of the Montreal Expos Baseball Club; Chairman of McGill University; and, esteemed personal friend and counselor, Hugh G. Hallward; Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Vice Chairman, Board of Directors (and Chairman of the Investment Committee and Committee of Trustees), The Winchendon School, Worcester County, Massachusetts (1990-2005).10

Board of Trustees, The Winchendon School
Board of Trustees, The Winchendon School, Winchendon, Massachusetts;