Selected Writings

  1. Review of Technology Policy Analysis: Bridging the Technology Gap, by Barry Hyman. (April, 1981).
  2. Review of Town-Country Relations in Virginia, by Mary Jo Fields and Sandra H. Wiley. (January, 1981).
  3. Review of Small Towns, Big Grants: Federal Aid and Nonmetropolitan Local Governments in Illinois, by Alvin D. Sokolow. (April, 1980).
  4. Review of Illinois Municipalities: Where Have All The Voters Gone?, by Oliver Walter and Albert Karnig. (December, 1979).
  5. Review of Public Employer Turnover in State Government: Costs and Benefits, by C. Meyer, M. Beville and T. Magedanz. (May, 1979).
  6. Review of Taxpayers Associations: The “Opposition: in Government Finance”, by Alexander Walker. (December, 1978).
James R. Cowhey, John J. Newberry, Derek Bryson Park, and J. William LaBelle
[Left to Right] Guest Speaker, New York Supreme Court Justice, James R. Cowhey; Chairman, The Winchendon School, John J. Newberry; Vice Chairman, The Winchendon School, Derek Bryson Park; and Headmaster, The Winchendon School, J. William LaBelle, Winchendon, Massachusetts